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We are the biggest tailor shop in Koh Samui
in size and stocks and selections of materials......

For suits we have Cashmere wool blends, 100% Cashmere wool,Cashmere wool and silk ( non-wrinkle and our best seller), Flannel wool, Gaberdine wool for tuxedos, 100% Italian Silk, 100%
Linen, 100% cotton, Microfibers, Liene/Silk blends ,all together over 1,000 colors and patterns..

For shirts we have 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, wrinkle free cotton, 100% linen, 100% washable silk ( non wrinkle), cotton/silk
blends all over 1500 colors and patterns..

For winter coats we have Pure italian Cashmere
....nothing but the best!


Our fabrics are pre-shrunk, however cotton garments may shrink up to 3%. For best practice, we recommend;
- Remove collar stays, button up, and wash inside out
- Cold wash (30°C)
- Hang dry – no tumble dry
- For easier ironing, iron while damp


Jackets made from natural materials help the body ventilate and don’t need cleaning very often. To extend the life of your jacket;
- Dry clean only – no more than four times per year
- If creased, press professionally, do not steam
- Spot clean with water and mild detergent
- The natural fibers of your suit need time to rest – avoid wearing more than two or three times per week
- After wearing, hang up in a ventilated space – this ensures freshness and reduces wrinkling


Wool is antimicrobial and naturally stays fresh.
- Dry clean only – once per month if worn frequently
- After wearing, hang up in a ventilated space – this ensures freshness and reduces wrinkling
- For your favorite suits, we recommend buying a second pair of trousers – they typically get more wear than jackets


Wash with care to avoid shrinkage and wear.
- Cold wash (30°C)
- Hang dry – do not tumble dry
- Use a thin cloth between the iron and garment