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We are the biggest tailor shop in Koh Samui
in size and stocks and selections of materials......

For suits we have Cashmere wool blends, 100% Cashmere wool,Cashmere wool and silk ( non-wrinkle and our best seller), Flannel wool, Gaberdine wool for tuxedos, 100% Italian Silk, 100%
Linen, 100% cotton, Microfibers, Liene/Silk blends ,all together over 1,000 colors and patterns..

For shirts we have 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, wrinkle free cotton, 100% linen, 100% washable silk ( non wrinkle), cotton/silk
blends all over 1500 colors and patterns..

For winter coats we have Pure italian Cashmere
....nothing but the best!

" Rray Ginos has been my personal tailor for 5 years now..Great suits good price and excellent after sales services..Never bought a ready made suit since I met him"

Steen , Bergan Norway.

"Good tailor and now a good friend. I am very picky about my suits and Rray has never disappointed me."

Archie K New York.

" I was recommended to Ginos Tailor by my boss in Copenhagen..now I can see why he always gets his suits tailored with Rray...Top class!"

Carsten J Denmark.

" Made 3 suits in December 2012 and have already ordered 2 more..Suits hold up good and i wear them everyday!"

Mark K London, UK

" Been buying suits and shirts from Rray since 2004 and i see no reason to stop. Great quality and even better service."

Phil, USA

" I made 6 dresses for business from Ginos..great fitting and material...no cheap deals and no cheap materials.."

Gabrielle , Paris

" Top quality suits!!  My wife ordered a cocktail dress and she is very happy..Go for it"

Hans , Finland