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We are the biggest tailor shop in Koh Samui
in size and stocks and selections of materials......

For suits we have Cashmere wool blends, 100% Cashmere wool,Cashmere wool and silk ( non-wrinkle and our best seller), Flannel wool, Gaberdine wool for tuxedos, 100% Italian Silk, 100%
Linen, 100% cotton, Microfibers, Liene/Silk blends ,all together over 1,000 colors and patterns..

For shirts we have 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, wrinkle free cotton, 100% linen, 100% washable silk ( non wrinkle), cotton/silk
blends all over 1500 colors and patterns..

For winter coats we have Pure italian Cashmere

....nothing but the best!

We go to Europe and U.S.A. two to three times a year to custom design your fine suits. Our visits are mostly in April – May and September – October of every year. If you want to be in our travel list, you may e-mail us
rayginos@gmail.com and we will make an appointment at your convenience closest possible time.

If you refer us to your friends or colleagues, we will give you a special
discount on your personal orders.However, for clients in the USA, we can visit your city only if you can arrange at least 10 buyers for us. If you cannot arrange such number, we will keep your record on file and let you know if we will be able to make it to your city or not.

If you or your friends are interested to meet with our representative in
any of the trips please email to make appointments with us.