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We are the biggest tailor shop in Koh Samui
in size and stocks and selections of materials......

For suits we have Cashmere wool blends, 100% Cashmere wool,Cashmere wool and silk ( non-wrinkle and our best seller), Flannel wool, Gaberdine wool for tuxedos, 100% Italian Silk, 100%
Linen, 100% cotton, Microfibers, Liene/Silk blends ,all together over 1,000 colors and patterns..

For shirts we have 100% cotton, Egyptian cotton, wrinkle free cotton, 100% linen, 100% washable silk ( non wrinkle), cotton/silk
blends all over 1500 colors.

We are the only tailor in Koh Samui offering Horn Buttons and Mother or Pearl Buttons for jackets and blazers on request.

For winter coats we have Pure italian Cashmere
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Our business philosophy is simple. We do not make low cost low quality
suits. We strive to make high quality suits for men and women, suits that are well fitted, no boxy
cuts, no thick shoulder pads and no baggy and saggy or ill fitted suits.

If you are looking for a tailor in Koh Samui then we are the company to consider! Everything is tailored to perfection and is modern, comfortable and precise.
We provide best quality for a reasonable price, we have customers all over the world who started as clients and have now become personal friends. We deal with all who come into contact with us with honesty..! If things don't fit correctly, we make it right until the customer is
satisfied even if it means making new suits from scratch..Why? Because
customer's satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We always treat our customers as we treat our best friends and that is why we are known to be one of the best tailors in Koh Samui.

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